Sep 23, 2010


I have joined this website called LUUUX recently because I saw some Youtube makeup guru recommend it. The site is very much like blogging except you get to earn points for the things you've done to earn prizes. There are different categories on the site that you can blog about like Fashion, Healthy/Beauty, Entertainment, Food, and Technology. You can earn points by posting article, commenting on others, others commenting on your post, or invite others to join the site.

This is also a great site to meet new people that share the same interest as you. So definitely should give this website a shot. I also saw a lot of people posting about that they want to get the LV bag. I am not a big fan of it so I probably will get some other prize if I earn enough points.

I find it hard to get started if you are not a Youtube guru because you don't have a lot of audience to see your post. I think us non-Youtube guru should help out to comment and rate each other's posts.

Have you JOIN yet?


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