Sep 24, 2014

(Review) Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream

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Don't worry, I am still alive and so is this blog. I just want to take some time off for other things. 

Today I want to review a hand cream I recently purchased from Marshalls. I have always been a fan of Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater hand cream but I am always on the look for something new. While browsing around Marshalls's skincare section, I found this hand cream from them that I haven't tried. The hand cream itself is definitely a STEAL for me because when I checked their website, the price for the same hand cream with different packaging cost $20.00. I got mine for only $6.99!! 

If you are looking for Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream, definitely go check your local Marshalls to see if you have any luck finding them.

The name of the hand cream is called Somerset Meadow. This smells citrus-y like bergamot orange, which has the shape of an orange but is yellow like lemon. It is a combination of citrus and fresh wilderness grass

Don't you think that smells heavenly?

The color of the packaging for this hand cream is more of a light grass green; while the new packaging is yellow. I don't mind the green color because this matches the scent. 

I also love the texture of this hand cream. It has the perfect thickness, not too creamy and not too thick. I find this rubs into my hands fairly easy unlike some other thick cream I have used before. Somerset Meadow gives hands enough moisture without feeling oily. I believe this shall be perfect for fall through winter and PLUS this smell so good! 

Oh forgot to mention, I also bought a travel size of Somerset Meadow for only $1.99! Tell me, is this not a steal or what!?

Share with me what's your favorite hand cream!

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