About Me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my beauty and random talk blog.

I am Mimi (DeyiMizu). I live in the gorgeous city of San Francisco with high hopes of becoming someone useful someday in the future. I am a 24, who loves to play around with makeup and experiment new things even though I am not a makeup artist or anything like that.

This blog was started on April 2010 when I want to share my thoughts on beauty related topics with others. I have been writing blog since 2003 with Xanga but that is just my personal blog. This will be my first and only beauty & personal related blog I ever make. If you see others similar to mine, just to tell you, it's not me. Sometimes I would go off topics on the most random things but that's what a blog is about, finding the whole new you.

What does "DeyiMizu" mean?
The term "Deyi" in Cantonese means cute or strange. "Mizu" is the combination of my first and last name. I have been using this name for a few years so it's hard to get rid of it since it has so much memories.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask me! I will answer anything as long as I feel comfortable in answering it. Email me at deyimizu104 (a) hotmail (dot) com
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