Aug 9, 2012

FOTD: Champagne Gold


I have not done a FOTD for quite a while now. Today's FOTD is again a simple one. I am not someone who likes to go heavy on eye shadow and eyeliner. Most of my FOTD look identical. I think I need to start making some change to my makeup routine and try something new.

Okay, the next time you come across my FOTD post, I will look different!


The eye shadow is a champagne gold color with micro-shimmer to brighten up my eyelid. I figure that I should go thin with the eyeliner to match this somewhat nude look.

(I failed in acting cute here...)

Recently, I am in love with the Cargo Blush in Catalina! The pink color is so cute and adorable! I will do a review for this blush soon if you girls are interested.

Do you like it?


  1. Pretty! I love gold for summer looks :)

  2. Rainy Days & LattesAugust 9, 2012 at 11:06 PM

    Catalina is a gorgeous blush! I love that too. You look great!

  3. I cannot live without it now:) Haha!

  4. Yeah I agree with you Rainy Days & Lattes, She's gorgeous, I just noticed one thing about mimi, I think she needs to be a bit tan if possible so you can look a bit hotter than now. Have you tried go tanning? If not I think you should but do not go to the beach under the sun, I'm tellin you, it is bad tanning under the sun without protection. What I'm using is from Dr. Mercola's tanning bed which is like this one I hope I can see a new you in the near future Mimi!

  5. This is so pretty and natural! Cute as usual :)


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