Jun 8, 2011

Skin by Monica Expands to Walgreens Nationwide‏

All natural, eco-friendly skincare line to be offered at Walgreens at affordable prices

Los Angeles, CA (June 8, 2011) – All natural skincare line Skin by Monica Olsen is expanding its distribution and will be available in the nation’s largest drugstore chain, Walgreens, in select stores nationwide in August 2011. This environmentally pure brand is dedicated to educating the customer about caring for the skin from the inside out. Offering a range of products from skincare and haircare to ingestibles, Skin by Monica goes above and beyond to ensure that each product is effective, affordable, and free of harmful chemicals.

“I am thrilled to have Walgreens as a retail partner to reach a larger audience and provide natural products that support a healthier lifestyle.  I’m also excited to be making high quality skincare products accessible to the Walgreens shopper at affordable price points,” says Monica Olsen, creator of Skin by Monica.

“We are pleased to bring another innovative beauty brand to our eco-conscious, ingredient-savvy customer,” said Shannon Petree, Walgreens divisional vice president and general merchandise manager for beauty. “Natural skin care is not a passing trend. Today’s beauty shopper wants to feel good about the products she uses while receiving the results she expects. Customers will be pleased to find this hot new brand that has beauty blogs buzzing at their neighborhood Walgreens store."

The Skin by Monica collection offers over 52 skin and hair care products for women, men and babies, which are all free of parabens, urea, alcohol, petroleum, and other harmful chemicals. The products are organic and 100% natural, made with vitamins and minerals from the earth, packaged in eco-friendly materials and never tested on animals.  All SkinbyMonica products are manufactured in house in a state of the art CGMP and OTC facility in Southern California in small lot batches to ensure freshness and the highest standard for its ingredients.

Skin by Monica Olsen is currently outpacing the market with over 100% growth since the beginning of the year due to exceptional customer service, grass roots sales support and results driven, high quality products.  The strategic distribution into the masstige market during a recession has fared very well for the Skin By Monica brand according to its founder Monica Olsen.  “Great quality and a great price is what customers want and we deliver just that. Now you can get a department store brand at your local drugstore. Why not? This is how it should be and I am glad to make a brand that is approachable and accessible to all and at the same time deliver the best quality possible.”

Monica Olsen is a model, actress and mother of two. She was inspired to create her own skincare line when pregnant with her first daughter, after being unable to find baby products that were all natural and environmentally pure. The collection soon expanded from baby products and now includes women’s and men’s products as well. Skin by Monica does not test on animals, and all packaging is made with FSC certified eco-friendly materials. To learn more about Skin by Monica, visit www.SkinByMonica.com


  1. Oh cool. I would check this out :D

  2. thats cool that its made of eco friendly material, I gotta check this out!

  3. @Pop Champagne: You cannot go wrong with eco-friendly products!

  4. Oooh I'm excited for this! Going to check out the website

  5. @Vintage: But we still need to wait until August:(

  6. this sounds very good~~~too bad we wont have it in canada~~~id luv to try smth like a body cream or smth~~~i luv all natural products ~~~they are so gentle on the skin~~~~


  7. @Jessy: Yea, it's sad that Canada won't have it. I think you can still buy it from their online store or something:)

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  9. @Shana: Thanks for stopping by!


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