Mar 23, 2011

Review: Kao Odorless Steam Eye Mask

I bought this eye mask last month when I went to Misuwa Market to get some snacks. It was on sale so I thought I might give this a try since I really need a relaxing eye mask at night. 

I think this was originally around $10 for a box of 5 pieces but I got it for about $8! I think it was a great deal that I saved $2! I am the type of person who calculates every bit of thing before buying it. Then in the end, I end up not buying it so you could say I am good at saving money. Ha-ha!

Kao sell three different type of this steam eye mask: lavender, chamomile, and odorless. The one I bought was odorless.

Product Description
Kao Steam Eye Mask, Odorless relieves tired eyes and is suitable for use before sleep or in relaxation.
The mask is dry. It is convenient to use. You can just take it off and throw it away after use. No rinsing is required.

Instructions on how to put it on
  • Tear off along the dotted line on the back of the mask.
  • Wear the mask. Gradually, you will feel warmth. Close your eyes when using the mask so as to relieve tired eyes with the help of the warmth of steam.
  • Wait for 10 -15 minutes before taking it off.
The Mask itself. I forgot to tell you but there is a loop on each side of the mask to let your ear through so the mask can stay on.

Close up of the mask
The mask itself reminds me of pad that we lady have to put on every single month for a couple of days. Don't you think so?

I know I look terrible with this mask on as you probably might think I put pad on my eye. Haha! The mask is too big for my face as you can see in the photo below, but since it's unisex, it can't be help.
My Thoughts
 This is a disposable eye mask that can heat themselves to around 40C. That temperature helps relax the eye from any tiredness that you had that day. I love using the steam eye mask as it can steam away all my stress on the eye. Well, that's what I think. The steam eye mask is not an eye care mask like the other eye mask on the market. This has a unqiue design designate to help relieve any eye stress you may had.

Once you take out the mask from the packet, it will heat by themselves. Don't worry, the heat will not be very hot that it might cause danger to your eyes. If you have any problem with this eye mask, please take it off and discontinue using it.

I usually put this mask on once a week. I love putting it overnight to ensure a good night sleep. This mask is great for people who travel on plane, bus, or anywhere. You will definitely feel refresh the next day. I will definitely recommend this to everyone who wants a good night sleep after a long tiring day!

Rating: 5/5

Steam eye
Heat Themselves
Relax eye
Great for travel

Only available in Asian store or online

I think they sell it so you can definitely check it out if your local Asian market doesn't sell it.

FTC Disclosure: All products mentioned are bought by me for review purposes. I am not being paid or affiliated with the company mentioned. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Thanks for the review hun. I need some eye relaxation... soon... hehe

  2. I think you should really try this:) You will feel so relax and fall asleep very soon:)

  3. Interesting! Great review :) I've yet to try steaming eye masks but they seem to be worth checking out. Next time I go to Mitsuwa I'll have to check it out! =p I am the type that calculates everything before I buy too!!! =p
    And you're from the Bay Area! Yay! :) Me too! hehe

  4. It's worth checking it out:) When you calculate everything, it will help you not to buy useless stuff:) Yes I am from the Bay area too! Nice to meet you Jen!

  5. Does this help w/ under eye dark circles ?

    1. I don't see a significant changes in my under eye dark circle after using the mask, but this mask can take away the stress in your eyes. When the stress is gone, you will have a good night sleep and that will definitely reduce your under eye circle.


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