Jan 14, 2011


Finally I reached 100 followers. I need to thank you all of you for your support and I learned a lot from you guys/girls. I met lots of good friend in this blog. I hope you will continue to support me. 

As a thank you gift, I will be having a little personal giveaway soon but this time, it will be US ONLY. Sorry for all those international readers, I will do another one somewhere this year for you guys too. 

So stay tune for the post about this giveaway. 


  1. hey ! i made a post about a game called "Pay It Forward" , and since you are one of my 3 followers , i tagged you . read my recent post i mentioned you there .

    thank you for following me (:


  2. congrats to getting your first 100. more 100 followers to come! :)


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