Nov 17, 2011

Review: Heelys Wave Style #7672 Gray/Pink

 Heelys...I really want a pair of these shoes when I was little. I always saw people on the street skating their way through and I find that so cool! I wanted to be those cool kids around but I never were. My parent did not buy any for me and neither did I request them to do so. Back then, this shoe was pretty expensive compare to the tennis shoe I wore to school. 

It might be a dream then but it's not a dream now. Thanks to Heelys, I get a chance to be old school again!

Let's move on with my review!

Gray/Pink Wave Style #7672
 If you don't know who Heelys is, they are a company that makes these skate-like shoes. It comes in a variety of styles so you find one suitable for you to wear. The one I got can be worn as an everyday shoe when you just want to go out and buy something really quick. You don't have to put on the wheels if you don't want to. The pink & gray style is really cute!

The back of the shoe is really fun so walking in them are super comfortable even with the wheels on.

To remove the heel plug, simply use this heel plug remover to get it out so you can insert or remove the wheels.

These are the direction on how to remove or insert the wheels if it's the first time you are using this shoe!
The first time I wore this shoe with the wheels on, it's so hard for me to skate because I still did not find my balance point yet. I was holding on to Mr. L the whole time! Mr. L said he wore these shoe when he was back in middle or high school but I don't think it's a Heelys brand though.

The hardest part was learning how to skate in these Heely shoe. I never skate roller-blade or roller-skate before but I do know a bit of ice-skating. Just a bit not to fall while on the ice rink.

I hate falling but I did fell a lot while trying to master skating or sliding the shoe around. I did watch the video on how to skate these shoes that were on the Heelys website but still I couldn't do it. I finally realize that I am getting old and my learning ability has decrease tremendously!

It took me a while to learn but I somehow learn to find my balance point while trying to skate these shoe. I did success a tiny tiny bit but that was it. It's not like I didn't try at all. I try really hard that I got bruises all around my body and get complains by the apartment right below me.

I think this Heelys shoe look much better without the wheel on. I love wearing it but I don't think I can master the skating part! I had so much fun wearing these Heelys even though I trip a lot! It's like going back to my teenage years!

Be sure to wear protective gear if you are learning for the first time to stay on the safe side. See Heelys Safety Playbook for more information about wearing these shoes!

 Heelys is throwing a Black Friday Special!! 
Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!

So be sure to get one to play around!

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