Oct 9, 2011

Review: Gatsby Bubble Type Bleach & Color-Royal Latte

Thank you Mr. L for reviewing this Gatsby Bubble Type Bleach & Color in Royal Latte for my blog

This time I will be reviewing a foaming hair dye from Gatsby. Packaging wise is very nice. I think it's way better than most American brand in terms of packaging. American brand really need to find a new marketing to design their package. Packaging is a very important step in making a brand popular!

Okay, back to my review.

When I open the box, I was a bit disappointed. I expect the product to be a bit different. The product is exactly like any other hair dye product in the market. It's the same 1 + 2 design plus a big instruction sheet. I find that nowadays, they don't even bother to include a comb but the good thing is the gloves. The gloves that came with the hair dye isn't thin gloves but rather like a real plastic glove. I'm so disappointed.

Beside the comb, Gatsby's hair coloring dye don't even come with a conditioner! The interesting thing I find about this hair dye is that they use 3 hole instead of the regular 1 to dispense the hair product. I think this will help the product come out a bit faster than usual.

 There is something different about the foaming concept of American and Japanese product. The American version is like using the pump to dispense out foam but the Gatsby one is so different. When I first squeeze the product into my hair, it feel just like the regular hair dye (the one that look like toothpaste). I thought I did something wrong in the process because the product didn't foam at all. Finally, I realized that you need to massage like you were washing your hair, then foam will then start come out! 

OMG! It's such a boring design but I felt that I can see if I massage the product equally into my hair, which is okay.

I bought the color Royal Latte, which is somewhat like mocha. When I squeeze it out, it look more like green tea. Is this some kind of joke?

When the product started to foam, it felt fresh and cool, which is much better than the traditional hair dye. You will always think that the product is dripping when using the traditional one, right?

Now, all I have to do is wait for 30 minutes for the product to absorb. The scent is still very awful like any hair dye I used but it does smell better than most of the hair dye in America.

After 30 minutes, I just used warm water to rinse it. The color that I rinse out is much less than the one I used before. Is it the formula or the colorability of the product?

Since it didn't came with a conditioner, I used my own to help condition my hair. It's the same as tonic the body after labor. Haha!

When blow drying is complete, you can really see the color. The colorability is really great as you can see in the picture below.

The fascinating thing I experience is that when I wash, condition & blow dry my hair again, the color is much brighter and vibrant!

P.S: After I woke up in the morning, the color is even better than before! Amazing!

Overall for around $7.99 for this foam hair dye, the effect is quite good! The color came out nice even though it's not the same as the box but it's close up since I have dark hair color to start with. If your men want to dye their hair, then be sure to check out this Gatsby hair dye! 

Available in most Japanese market and online.

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  1. Good to see the product works~ ^^ Gatsby charges SO much o their hai dye here.. it's like almost $30! Does it only work on shorter hair?

  2. @Jen I don't know because this is a men product. I think it work better on most men hair:)

  3. Did it give you a brown color or red color? Thanks! :)

    1. It gives him more of a brown color. Didn't see any red in the hair color but it may look different on your hair.


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