Oct 13, 2011

Guest Post: How to Achieve the Perfect Pout

Every woman longs for a sexy, plump, perfect pout. And with a variety of lip products on the market and some skilful makeup artistry, your lips can achieve the bee-stung, just-kissed appearance without having to go the cosmetic surgery route or endure painful lip injections.

For a puckered up look, these makeup tricks can enhance your pout and make it appear more pillowy:

1) Use a lip liner to draw a "cupid's bow" at the centre of your top lip. You can draw above your natural lip shape and no one but you will know the difference.

2) Use a thin concealer stick or pencil to make a light line over your top lip, concentrating especially on the cupid bow you've drawn. Smudge the concealer in to blend, either with your finger or a cotton swab so that it's just barely noticeable.

3) Using a small makeup brush, apply a nude-coloured eye shade to the outer lines of both the bottom and top lips. This highlights the outlines of the lips, making them appear larger.

4) When choosing a lipstick shade for your plump pout, keep in mind that lighter colours will make the lips appear fuller, while dark shades have the opposite effect of making your lips appear thinner. But if your heart is set on a darker colour, a trick is to apply a bit of shimmery lipstick or gloss smack dab in the middle of your bottom lip, which offsets the dark shade and will make lips appear fuller.

5) Another trick that uses light is highlighter. Add a shimmery gold or silver eye shadow or highlighting powder directly above the Cupid’s bow you've drawn for a plumper pout.

6) And last, but not least, and this may sound silly - exercise your lips. You've noticed after a heavy kissing session that your lips appear much more puffy and full, and this is not a fluke. So whistle while you work or try one of these exercises:

The Lip Puff - Wad up a small amount of tissue or toilet paper and insert it into a drinking straw. Attempt to blow the tissue out of the straw, dramatically puffing out your cheeks with each try, and then exhale with a noisy rush. Do this 25 times in a row. 

The Lip Pop: Try to achieve the loudest "pop" sound you can by pressing your lips together (you know when you mash you lips together to blend your lipstick? Do that) and then separating them with the "pop" noise. Do this 25 times in a row.

My name is Muzammil Bashir and I am working with the editors of wish.co.uk - Take the stress out of present purchasing with our Days Out, click here for more info.


  1. awesome post i love it!! <3 xxx

  2. awesome awesome post! i really liked the tips and shared on fb/twitter. good, detailed, easy to follow...thumbs up


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