Jul 12, 2010


Recently I got tagged by sweetkuromi to do some random facts about myself. Sweetkuromi is a very sweet and pretty girl from the UK. Here is sweet and beautiful picture of her:

1) I am a 21 yrs old Chinese girl and was born in the United States, so basically I am an ABC (American born Chinese)

2) I can speak 3 languages including my main Cantonese, English (of course..), and some very weak Mandarin. I definitely need to improve in it.

3) I can also read, type, and write Chinese. It is not bad for an ABC. I am somewhat proud of myself for this, haha.

4) I love to eat candies and chocolates. My favorite is dark chocolate. I love the bitterness feeling when you first bite it and the sweetness that comes after. This is very similar to what loves means to me. After the hard work, one's true love will come in the end.

5) My favorite thing to do beside shopping is of course sleeping. I love to sleep, not because I am lazy but because I always dream. When dreaming, I am in a whole new world and new people keep appearing in my dream.

No one knows my blog so I won't tag anyone. Hope everyone get to know me better


  1. the 2 pandas are still my laptop background at the moment,lol!my bf's the one whos been altering my blog format,so he chose the pandas to b on there, lol

  2. but they are so cute~haha~your bf do have a good taste


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